Sunday, July 26

Catching up...Soon

I'm not dead. I am alive and well in fact. I was hard pressed to find a library in Utah, and when I did, it was either a Saturday or Sunday or a Morman holiday, which meant they were closed. I'm now in Nevada, riding with three other dudes from Southern California. One of them is lugging this computer from which I write and I hope to crank out a number of posts within the next 24 hours... I do have a number of great stories to tell and will try my best not to forget. Please stay tuned.

I'm now in Eureka, Nevada and finished for the days ride. Tomorrow I'm supposed to hit a hot spring just outside Austin, NV. Should be fun. More on that, Utah, and the end of Colorado soon. Which also, if you hadn't put the pieces of the puzzle together, means I am NOT going past the Grand Canyon into Southern Cali, but straight West to San Fran. Expected date of arrival: Aug 1/2.

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