Monday, June 15

A Brief List

I arrived into Charlottesville, VA today. On the way into town, I thought of just a things I wanted to blog about but didn't have enough to make each a full blog. Thus, a list:

A shout out to Katy and Jesse who I randomly ran into in Lancaster, PA. Katy just finished up her MDiv at Union and has moved to Lancaster to begin her post-seminary work in the Presbyterian Church USA. While resting in a coffee shop there, we saw each other and all did double takes.

A shout out to my friend Chad Dike, Chelsea, and Chad's ladyfriend Meg who took me out when in D.C. Chad and I were fraternity brothers back at Centre. Chelsea went to Centre and was Chad's year, but sadly our paths never crossed until D.C. Sorry for leaving you guys out of my brief D.C. narrative. Definitely had a good time catching up and swapping stories.

(The place of the D.C. cookout with my friend Danielle.  Mmmm good burgers!)

Mental Cocaine - Catching up to cars going downhill; the sound my trailer makes when it skims through a puddle that my bike tires miss; seeing deer nearly everyday

Mental Depressants - Going uphill (really?!); potholes; shifting down when going uphill only to find I'm already in the lowest gear

All states above Virginia have tons of Methodist Churches
Virginia has only Baptist Churches

The Mosquitoes in Virginia leave the biggest bites I have ever seen! (Nickel sized, no kidding!) And they itch more than ever! I gotta find anti-itching cream.

Small town libraries are much more lenient on their computer usage policies (i.e. uploading images via USB, time limits, etc.)

Yesterday I put in 74 miles. Today, at halftime, I racked another 50. I've already put in more than 600. After talking to my friend Jenn Lindsay, who did it a decade ago, I learned that by the end of her trip she was averaging 120 miles a day. I look forward to being fit.

At the 500 mile mark, I got to thinking about the Camino de Santiago and comparing the two trips. On that one, I had friends to speak with the whole time and didn't find myself in such solidarity. On this trip, I feel I am accomplishing more, yet am not as tired at the end of the day. But in so many ways, the two really aren't comparable. They're both good!

My sleeping mat has a small hole in it, causing me to wake up once in the middle of the night to refill the mat with air. Boo.


Anonymous said...

are you headed for richmond??
c'ville is one of the bestest places in va, in the US really. best dumplings, too. just ask, someone will point you to the right place.

Jenn Siewertsen said...

Your blog is awful for my work productivity - So glad I found it! Your travels are amazing. Thanks for letting us follow along. Peace and safe travels!

WhereaboutsinDanville said...

Wow - remember when we thought about biking the Camino? We would have finished in a week!

Mary Trollinger said...

Virginia has some Methodist churches - I was born there and baptized in one! It's a good state. If you're headed anywhere near Emory/Abingdon, I can give you names of people to stay with.

This is a really cool thing you're doing. I'm glad to know that there are still kind-hearted Americans/people in the world who are willing to open their doors to a wandering stranger.

Elizabeth said...

Hey... just found out that you are doing this! When you come through Colorado, give me a call... i would love to meet you for dinner! (If it is on a tuesday... that seems to be my only day off! but if you can swing it, i will meet ya!

Betsy Kramer

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you downtown in C-ville yesterday...sorry we couldn't work out overnight arrangements! Hope you made it to the top of Afton Mtn. without getting caught in a storm! It's good to learn a little more about your purpose/goal. Sorry we didn't know about your trek before! Anyway, yes there are methodist churches in VA. and please know that there are about 5000 variants on "baptist" to include southern, cooperative fellowship, freewill, independent, etc. etc. :)! Tina S. (Brad's mom)

Anonymous said...

Nate- First off when do i get to see those pictures of the cleat???? Secondly... If you finish this I will get you into the Indy 500 next year. I can't believe you have never been. It is something everyone should go to once. I especially like the tid-bit about shifting when your going up hill.... i can only imaging how much that sucks. Well good luck and I will call you sometime this week to catch up.

Future Cycling Partner

ps. thought it would be more cool to not leave a name.... I wonder if your mom will guess its me?

Anonymous said...

Gorilla Duct Tape will fix hoels in your mat. Don't leave home without it!

Patrick Noltemeyer said...

Nate, I have to tell you, I've been telling your stories a lot over the course of the last couple of weeks as I have engaged your blog - people are impressed with what you're doing and the passion you have for your cause! Keep up the good work - look forward to seeing you when you're in Kentucky!