Wednesday, June 24

A New Option - Funraising

Last night I was able to enjoy one of my favorite past times here in Danville. When I was living in the apartment with Rob and Mark, we used to put cushions out on the porch roof and sit out there, beers in hand, watching the cars pass on Third St. and discuss life's questions. Thankfully, Rob remains in the same apartment which allowed for a return to the roof. We sat there for hours, accompanied by a good friend, Jonathan, discussing ways in which this ride could continue. As I said, Rob is good for leveling out all the options and finding what works. Jonathan claims Rob got the skill from him, so the fact that they were both present meant I was in good hands. The following is what we came up with.

I met with Jim Davis, my former boss and owner of The Hub, again the favorite café here in Danville, this morning about creating sponsorship opportunities for businesses around the area. He was onboard for the price of advertising and I am proud to announce that The Hub is the first official sponsor of this ride, contributing to the cause of getting the word out on Sojourners, the work we do, and the need for Asylum reform. I'm also pleased to announce that after some phone calls to Indianapolis, I've also acquired a sponsorship from Bicycle Garage of Indianapolis (BGI). So know we're that much closer to making this trip happen and get the word out on Sojourners thanks to both the Hub and BGI!
But the fun doesn't stop there. In the short time since yesterday's post went public, I've received a number of emails and phone calls inquiring about the journey's end, each sharing their grief (of sorts) and hopes that I would be able to continue (if anything for a continued reading of the blog). In the calls and emails, a reoccurring suggestion has been that of making use of Paypal. Now, I'm not a fan of fundraising; I mean, who likes asking for money? In fact, I refuse to fundraise. But fun raising, that I can do. Thus the new option. You've read about The Purist, The Compromise, etc. - well now meet The Fun Raiser.

Below (and on the side) you will find a donate button in which blog followers are able to contribute to (and here's the Fun part!) the cause of getting the word out on Sojourners, the work we do, and the need for Asylum reform. Help make this possible, join me in funraising!


Anonymous said...

How much money do you need to raise to make it to San Diego? No matter what you choose, your trip has been a success. Continued prayers and peace.

-- Rob Cortegiano

Tyler said...


You are the man!